Jenn has been choreographing professionally for over 13 years, and is very keen on collaboration.  I would describe Jenn as a gifted leader, dancer, creator, teacher, musician, and consummate storyteller through dance - who creates with playfulness, dexterity, and fearlessness. She is tough, has high standards, is opinionated and articulate.


That’s enough of talking about myself in third person.  


I am all about making stuff. New stuff.  Mold-breaking stuff.  My favorite place to be is in front of a room full of artists, working together to solve the task at hand.  I’ve learned that the answer will eventually surface, if you can step out of it’s way.

I am a storyteller, teacher, and versatile creator. 


I have successfully been a freelance choreographer working in theatre, film, and various educational institutions for a while now, and it has given me a strong perspective on what it means to be a collaborator.  I have worked with and forged lasting relationships with many directors, actors, dancers, writers, and musicians. “I was immediately struck with Jenn’s innovative approach to integrating dance in musical theater -  she doesn’t just set choreography on actors, she helps characters come to life through her choreography.”

-Matthew Decker, director & frequent collaborator.


Since moving to New York City in 2016, I have been fortunate to have been selected to present at Dancebreak, and commissioned by SDCF to create a new piece to honor the legacy of Agnes de Mille at                        

The 2019 Mr Abbott Award Gala.

Up Next: "Titanic" the Musical at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.



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