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Jenn has been choreographing professionally for over 13 years, and is very keen on collaboration.  I would describe Jenn as a gifted leader, dancer, creator, teacher, musician, and consummate storyteller through dance - who creates with playfulness, dexterity, and fearlessness. She is tough, has high standards, is opinionated and articulate.


That’s enough of talking about myself in third person.  


At first, I intended to go to college to study Sports Medicine.  Three changes of majors, and 5 years later, I found my way back to what I always wanted to do…create.  One thing lead to another and soon after graduating with a degree in Health Science with a minor in dance, I was hired to choreograph my first professional gig, The Who’s “Tommy,” at The Academy Theatre in New Jersey. 


This fortunate turn of events has lead me to choreograph for such theater’s as Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Arden Theatre Company, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, The Walnut Street Theater, and Two River Theatre.  In 2016, I received a Barrymore Award for excellence in theatre choreography for my work on The Black Nativity at Theatre Horizon. 


I am all about making stuff. New stuff.  Mold-breaking stuff.  My favorite place to be is in front of a room full of artists, working together to solve the task at hand.  I’ve learned that the answer will eventually surface, if you can step out of it’s way.


I have successfully been a freelance choreographer working in theatre, film, and various educational institutions for a while now, and it has given me a strong perspective on what it means to be a collaborator.  I have worked with and forged lasting relationships with many directors, actors, dancers, writers, and musicians. “I was immediately struck with Jenn’s innovative approach to integrating dance in musical theater -  she doesn’t just set choreography on actors, she helps characters come to life through her choreography.”

-Matthew Decker, director & frequent collaborator.


Since moving to New York City in 2016, I have been fortunate to have been selected to present at Dancebreak, and commissioned by SDCF to create a new piece to honor the legacy of Agnes de Mille at The 2019 Mr Abbott Award Gala.


I live in Brooklyn with my cat Grammom and am currently developing a dance musical based on Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow, as well as a evening length theatre dance piece inspired by the teachings of the Enneagram (I’m a type 4w3). 

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