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My experience as a choreographer has given me a strong perspective on what it means to be a collaborator. I have worked with and forged lasting relationships with many directors, actors, dancers, writers, and musicians.


“I was immediately struck with Jenn’s innovative approach to integrating dance in musical theater -  she doesn’t just set choreography on actors, she helps characters come to life through her choreography."


-writer, director & frequent collaborator

"Jenn has created some exceptional work. I have seen it in person, but during this pandemic myself and 1000’s of others have been able to witness Jenn’s magic. Directing, choreographing, conceiving and even editing her work. Her attention to storytelling and emotions speaks for itself."


- Tony Award winning director / choreographer


"Jenn is incredibly prolific and manages work brilliantly in a wide variety of styles, shifting to whichever the piece dictates. Not only has her stage work garnered much attention, but she also managed to create impactful, bold, & visionary digital pieces and bring them to life before and after the pandemic."


 - Tony Award nominated director / choreographer


I have been fortunate to receive the 2020 BREAKOUT Award from SDCF as well as been commissioned by SDCF to create a new piece to honor the legacy of Agnes de Mille at the 2019 Mr Abbott Awards Gala.  In 2018 I was selected to present at Dancebreak NYC.  In 2016, I was honored with the 2016 Barrymore Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre Choreography. 

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